We all have our favorite Christmas movies and can mostly agree on the classics. Though we all don't have the same tastes when it comes to the movies or the holiday in general.

I'll be the first person to say that I'm not a big fan of Christmas music or decorating for Christmas. I usually don't get in the Christmas spirit until December 24th and quickly out by the end of the 25th, but watching the seasons themed movies will get the spirit flickering.

The history of the holiday films goes back to the late 1800's with the first silent Christmas movie called 'Santa Claus' in 1898 by British Director George Albert Smith. There were a few make to start the 1900's, but it wasn't until the 1930's that holiday themed films became popular. Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant and Bing Crosby were big stars that helped start the trend of making Christmas themed movies popular with the adults.

Many families have traditions that are pretty deep in the holiday spirit and watching Christmas themed movies is high on that list. I'm not sure what reason someone picks a Christmas movie to be their favorite, maybe it's passed down from the previous generation or maybe it's because there are so many bad ones that when you see a good one you just go with it. For every 'good' one, there are a dozen 'bad' Christmas movies.

We have the list of everyone's favorite Christmas movies, but never touch on the ones that people don't like. Not that it's any surprise, but some of the "classics" aren't enjoyed by everyone. Take a look at some of Wyoming's most hated Christmas movies.

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