In 2021, there were 13,885 vehicle crashes in the state of Wyoming and in 103 of those crashes, there was at least one person killed.

The feeling of heartbreak you feel when someone you love dies in a car crash, is almost more than you can handle. All you want to do is try to remember everything you can about the person and make sure they are not forgotten.

One way people will do that is by placing homemade memorials, to honor their loved one, in the general area where the car accident happened. The problem with that is, back in the early 2000's Wyoming banned roadside memorials.

Not because the state doesn't think remembering your loved one isn't important, but because of the dangers involved.

  • Stopping along the side of the road and placing the memorials is dangerous and could be the cause other accidents.
  • The memorials can be a distractions to passing drivers
  • The memorials are unregulated obstructions in the clear zone along the road

If you place a memorial along the road, they will be removed by the state. If you notice a memorial you placed has been removed, the memorial is actually kept for two weeks at the closest WYDOT shop. You can stop there and retrieve it.

Obviously it's important to keep the memory of your loved one alive, so Wyoming has the 'Roadside Memorial Program'. You've probably seen the signs placed along the roadside and wondered what it was, it's a reminder that someone lost a person they loved in that area.

roadside memorial program sign

The signs are placed for free by WYDOT and will be taken care of by the state for 5 years. Once the time period is up, the sign will be removed and given to the family.

To get a roadside memorial sign,  family members will need to do is submit an application. When the app is received and approved, the sign will be placed in an area as close as possible the site of the death.

It's important to remember your loved ones, and these signs are the safest and practical way to do it.

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