Wyoming is one of the states with the most total hunting seasons. Antelope, Bear, Bison, Deer, Duck, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Rabbit, Sheep and Turkey are just some of the seasons that Wyomingites have to wait for every year.

The season that many in Wyoming wait all winter for is Yard Sale Season. Yep, the season when buying one persons junk and making it your own treasure is in full swing. Obviously you need to wait until spring to start your 'treasure' hunting, who wants to get out in sub-zero temps and high step through inches or snow.

Just like animal hunting season, yard sale hunters will scout to find the biggest 'trophy' of a sale, they'll practice their techniques on haggling, and start saving any loose change or spare dollar bills.

Growing up we didn't have a lot of money and heading out on a Saturday to rummage through other people's items that have been stowed away for years in an attic or basement was our day of shopping. Actually, my Grandmother will go to Yard Sales to buy items to donate to my mom's church for their annual community yard sale. My sisters will block out at least two weekends a month through the prime 'yard sale season' to go out an add to their arsenal of other people's used goods.

You're probably going to be shocked by this next yard sale fact, but the worlds longest yard sale is held every year in August and is called the 127 Yard Sale. The sale is 690 miles long and travels on Highway 127 starting in Michigan going through 5 other states (Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and ends in Alabama). Over 2200 vendors are set up along the way.

Yard sales are a serious business.

There are Facebook Groups dedicated to the 'Yard Sale Season' that are based in many Wyoming towns/counties/areas.

We're at the early stages of the yard sale season, so you're starting to see them stirring. It's kind of like getting ready for 'rut' in deer, elk or moose...there are early signs, you just need to keep an eye out for them.

To get the best deal while in yard sale season here are some tips from Moneycrashers.com:

  • Do your research -

    • If you browse any of the yard sale pages or websites, you'll see that many people will post photo's of their yard sale options. Get an idea of how much you'll spend on something before you go.
  • Learn to negotiate - By using some simple techniques, you may get a better deal

    • Don't look like you have lots of money
    • Strike up conversation and a bond with the seller
    • Get your booty of items and show you mean business by having a collection of items
    • Don't get too cocky and try to over negotiate
  • Use the best 'Yard Sale Timing'

    • If you notice an item you REALLY want, get there early.
      • remember it's early, negotiating may not go as smoothly
    • If you're looking for a big score if items, go later
      • at the end of the day, people want to get rid of their junk...I mean treasure
  • Find items that have a good re-sale value and you could make any money you spend back by re-selling it.

    • Selling on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Ebay could make a big difference for you

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