Doesn't matter if you cook at home, get delivery or eat out, there's a really good chance you're going to have leftovers.

Personally, as an adult there are only a few things I'll keep to eat at a later time. Growing up it seemed like we always had leftovers for many days to come and the majority of the time they weren't a popular choice.

A survey by One Poll, says that 46% of American's would much rather eat leftovers and not have to cook another meal. 63% say they save the leftovers from take out or delivery even if they don't think it will be a good option the next day. 12% say they'd NEVER eat leftovers.

I'm the type of guy that will only eat leftovers two days before nixing the idea of eating them. The Mayo Clinic recommends to only keep leftovers for up to 4 days, after that the risk of food poisoning increases.

They also say you shouldn't eat the leftovers cold, because of the risk of foodborne illness...wait a minute...

That's the best way to eat some left over food and I've never been sick because of it. (Not saying they're wrong, but personally I've never had an issue)

If that's case, can you imagine all the food that would be thrown away and wasted instead of kept and eaten at a later time?

The says there's a rule of thumb when eating cold leftovers

If the food was fully cooked, refrigerated within 2 hours and properly stored it's ok to eat cold. If not, you should re-heat it.

If you're have to re-heat, 30 seconds in the microwave doesn't work. You'll need to heat it up until the internal temp is at 165 degrees. 

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