I've never really like the term 'Babysitter', unless the child you're watching is actually a baby.

Growing up I had many jobs. I was a custodial engineer at the local high school, I assisted ungrateful families on to and off of a trailer at an apple orchard, I bussed tables at a lodge, I flipped burgers at a burger place, I was a nighttime gas station attendant and I was a childcare provider for my younger siblings.

Of all those jobs, watching after my siblings was the lowest money making opportunity. I was paid $20 a week to stay with them every day through the summer. After finding out what the going rate for child sitting in Wyoming in 2022, I should've held out.

According to job search site ZipRecruiter, Wyoming is in the Top 15 for Nanny's in the country.

Now I get it, being a nanny and being a summer child sitter are different, but Nanny's in Wyoming make on average $18 per hour...that's almost more in 1 hour than I made in a full week.

Ok so maybe my mom got the 'Family Discount', maybe $20 seemed like a lot at the time. Maybe I was just a good kid...but now I'm really thinking I got hosed.

Honestly, I like my siblings, so it really wasn't that bad and we got to stay home. There's not an amount of money that would make me take care of other peoples kids. I will hang out with my nieces and nephews, but I never had the patients to suffer through other peoples kids.

ZipRecruiter has a breakdown of what the average Wyoming fulltime Nanny's pay.

  • Average Overall Annual Salary: $38,239
  • $18/Hr
  • $3,187/Month
  • $735/Week

If you're looking for Nanny jobs, here are the Top 10 best paying cities in Wyoming

  1.  Jackson
  2. Green River
  3. Laramie
  4. Gillette
  5. Riverton
  6. Rock Springs
  7. Cheyenne
  8. Casper
  9. Sheridan
  10. Evanston

If you're in between jobs and are thinking of a new career, maybe think about becoming a full time Nanny. The money is good and gets even better the more skilled and dedicated you become.

There are sites like sittercity.com, care.com, greataupair.com and Facebook pages all dedicated to matching sitters and kids.

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