There are so many holiday traditions around the U.S. it can be hard to fit all of them into a single month. Most of them have been lost with time.

No worries though, I'm here to pull some from the grave and give you and the family some traditions that may have been lost or maybe never even thought of for the cowboy state.

1. Caroling. This is a huge thing in other states and I think it's something we should start doing more around Wyoming. Of course, you may have to bundle up and bring a lot more hot chocolate to keep yourself warm. If you're not a fan of embarrassing yourself to the neighbors, you can always stay inside and do some good old-fashioned holiday karaoke with friends and family.

  2. When I was younger, advent calendars used to be a big deal. As a kid, you just couldn't wait for December to start so every single day you got to either wake-up and get a piece of candy, or just before bedtime, you'd get that special treat with a nice little note before you closed your eyes and dreamt of Christmas day.

3. Steal a kiss under the mistletoe. This one may still go on in the cowboy state however, I've never done this nor seen a ton of people do this. But I believe it's something we should bring back this Christmas.

4. Holiday cards. Some people aren't into getting cards in the mail these days but it really is a great way to send a friend, co-worker, or family member who lives far away that you are thinking of them this holiday season. I know you can always send a text but in this case, it shows that you took the time to sit down and write in a card to put more of a personal touch to Christmas this year.

5. Making a holiday ornament from scratch. I loved doing this as a kid. My mother still has the ornaments my brother and sister and I made when we were kiddos. It truly is a great way to bring the entire family together when decorating the tree.

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