If a new internet thing is to be believed, there is a new best place to live in Wyoming. SPOILER ALERT: it's not Jackson.

Homesnacks has crunched some new numbers and they claim there is a new best place to live in Wyoming. Here is what they said they use as criteria:

We take into account categories that we all agree make a city desirable: Great food, quality shopping, amazing people, and safe, clean neighborhoods.

They also factored in home values, unemployment rates, education, crime, etc. With all that considered they named Cody as the best place to live in Wyoming.

The big wins for Cody came with home values which have skyrocketed and practically no unemployment.

I would still argue that actually finding an affordable home in Cody would make it difficult for me to consider this a "best place to live", but that's just me. Look at it this way. At least it's not Jackson on top of another Wyoming list.

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