The conversation of wedding rings came up recently and I wondered if people were over the traditional metal wedding rings or not. If not, you'd sure save lots of money on that wedding... or at least spend it somewhere else.

Wyoming is a state with many traditions, but what about when it comes to original wedding rings? Over 50% of people say they still wear their original. The wedding ring is a tradition that can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece and the ring exchange used today is from sometime around the middle ages in Europe.

According to The Diamond  Pro, the average couple spends 3% of their wedding budget on the rings. In 2020 women's wedding rings on average cost about $1,100, where men's rings were just over $500. In today's culture, having more expensive rings, but wearing less expensive has become a popular thing.

It seems that a couple staying together long enough to pay off the wedding isn't always a guarantee. A report says that 50% of all marriages will end in divorce or separation, I feel that nobody thinks they're going to fall into divorce side of that figure, but it happens.

That being said, the other 50% are able to go through tough times and make it out on the other side. With all of the options you have when it comes to wedding rings, we wanted to know what the case was here in Wyoming. Do people still shell out the money for the expensive rings, with the hopes of making it "til death do us part" or take the cheaper route and go with the non traditional route. As you can see, there are definitely those that still rock those original wedding rings.

Wyoming Prefers Original Wedding Rings

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