Buying property is a dream for lots of folks.

Once you buy that piece of land that you've had your eye on that's close to the mountains and is the perfect vacation getaway, are you going to put a tent up every time you go out?

You're excited to get out and take advantage of it, so maybe you will for the first couple times. After a while, you'd much rather drive out and have a cabin in place and get your time away started quicker.

Even if you're not much of a carpenter, there are already built and kit options available and they're only a click away on Amazon.

I fall into that category...building things has never been my strong suit. Although, I can follow directions and use tools. Most of these new prefab tiny homes are perfect cabins and fairly simple to put together, some come pretty close to complete and minimal work is needed.

For guys like me, there are very simple options. I don't need a lot of space or amenities to be comfortable and happy.

shack 1
Drew Kirby/Canva

For others, they're more likely to spend a good amount of time there if it's more along the lines of what you have at home. Some of the Tiny Homes that are available are really nice and affordable.

Modular Container House

Either way, you can surely find something you're looking for and have it shipped right to to you.

I mean if you've spent money on a piece of Wyoming to go out and enjoy, you may as well make it worth it and somewhere you really want to be.

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