For single bachelors such as myself, pizza is kind of a staple in our diets. I'm not saying that I eat it for every meal every day of the week, but somehow it does wind up being a dinner choice at least one night of the week.

Recently, Papa Johns wanted to mix things up according to Thrillist and add a new flavor of pizza to their menu nationwide. So they decided to put together four completely different styles of pizza and have some of their customers vote on which one they should add to their menu.


After a lot of taste testing of the Huevos Ranchero, Something called The Roast ya know, in honor of the year of the pig. and finally some weird want to be pizza creation that did have a crust.

Fortunately, none of those was the top contender. I am happy to say that we may not have a Chicken and Waffles store in the cowboy state, but we will be getting a chicken and waffles pizza from Papa Johns later this year!

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