Lord Spoda is a husband and wife traveling duo from Texas that are making the the journey to visit every state in the U.S.

On their trip, Lord Spoda is putting up videos of all their destinations. So far they've crossed off lots of states and logged lots of miles. It's fun to see a trip like this through someone else's eyes. The places they pick to visit, their views on that particular location and how they feel about that climate.

At the end of May, they made the journey from Denver to Casper to check out life in Wyoming. After watching the video, I think they were a bit shocked by the weather.

The title of the video is 'Casper, Wyoming: Soul Sucking Wind From Hell, Long Cold Winters...But Incredibly Beautiful'.

It was toward the end of the month and we just so happened to have cold temperatures in the lower 40's and they got to experience the legendary Wyoming wind. From the sound of it, that part of their stay didn't impress them much, but everything else blew them away.

Denver to Casper
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Just because the weather was showing off a little, doesn't mean the couple didn't get a chance to experience anything. They spent lots of time and loved the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center and loved that there was outdoor activities available all year long all over the area.

They ate at the Branding Iron, spent time at David Street Station, stopped in Bar Nunn and took a nice walk along the North Platte River.

The drive to Casper Mountain is what really was the part the blew them away. Seeing the beauty we all get to see on a daily basis, puts visitors from the outside world in awe.

Thanks for visiting Casper, Wyoming. Come on back anytime...for a visit.

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