We heard the rumors. We prayed they were true. And now, it's official - McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal Buckets are returning on October 18.

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That was confirmed by the fast food franchise itself.

"We heard you loud and clear… if spooky SZN doesn’t include McDonald’s Halloween Pails, then you don't want it," McDonald's wrote on their corporate website. "That's why we’re bringing back the most iconic Halloween trio – McBoo, McPunk’n and McGoblin – that first came on the scene back in 1986. The nostalgic Happy Meal is returning to participating McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from Oct. 18 – 31, while supplies last."

Supplies better last.

That announcement was significant for two reasons: One, it confirmed that these buckets are returning just in time for Halloween. But two, IT ACTUALLY NAMED THEM!

McBoo. McPunk'n (which is freakin' adorable) and McGoblin are the names of the white, orange, and green colored buckets and we never knew that until just now. Now, we want them even more.

We made sure to speak with one of the managers of the

"All of the Happy Meal pales will be coming back and it's nationwide, so that includes Casper," said Tim Deho, the manager of a Casper McDonalds. "We'll be getting them at the in October."

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There's just something about McDonald's and Halloween that go together like, well, like hamburgers and French fries. Maybe it's the consumerism. Maybe it's the toys. Maybe it's the evil demon ghost clown that serves as the mascot of the franchise but is actually probably a murderer. Any of these things could be true but none of it matters because when Halloween happens, there, too, is McDonald's.

McDonald's Halloween Happy Meal Buckets will officially hit Casper stores on October 18, so make sure to get yours while supplies last.

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