It's a long-time tradition and interesting food combination in Wyoming, sweet & savory. Where the combination of chili and cinnamon rolls actually came from, is up for debate. Some say it can be traced back to logging camps when workers needed a high calorie meal to be able to maintain energy for long days of work. Some say it was a fixture on the school lunch menu that began post World War II, and was being served to school kids all over the country.

When I was in school, cinnamon rolls weren't served with chili, but peanut butter and honey sandwiches. To this day, that's what I prefer with a nice, hot, tasty bowl of chili. The concept is pretty much the same, except for the fact that peanut butter doesn't have the explosive sweetness that a cinnamon roll does.

Sweet and savory.

In some parts of the country, cinnamon is actually an ingredient in their chili. For example, Cincinnati's famous skyline chili, uses cinnamon as one of the main ingredients. By adding cinnamon, it adds a warmth without making it too spicy and works well with the other flavors added.

Who would've thought that cinnamon and chili really do go hand-in-hand. I know I'll be adding cinnamon to my next pot of chili.

Here's an interesting way to have your cinnamon rolls and chili together

I've only been to a couple event where cinnamon rolls and chili was offered together, so I'm new to the concept, not against it, just new to it. To better understand the ways to bring the two tasty foods together, I did a quick search. I saw many people that went all out, spending hours making the rolls and chili separately. Then I found the fast way to do it.

Make your chili, open a can of cinnamon rolls and make a casserole. I guess if you wanted to get REALLY fast, you could open a can of chili too.

It's chili season, so not matter how you like it, it's a great time to make it and make your family happy.

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