Captain Jack Sparrow, Black Beard, Captain Hook, and Captain Barbosa are all pirates made famous in Hollywood.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise introduced pirates into mainstream. The series brought in over $4.5 billion worldwide in theaters and inspired kids, and adults alike, to dress up like pirates and even became a popular ride at theme parks and ignited the popularity of "Talk Like A Pirate Day".

One day 11 years ago, I remembered that it was the day we should all walk around talking like pirates. The problem was, my sister was in labor with my niece and we were all at the hospital. When you're sitting around a waiting room or hospital room, it gets boring, so the pirate lingo started to flow.

The Doctors and Nurses were confused and not really catching the humor of the talk, at first anyway. As the day moved on, they caught on and would enter the room and yell things like:

Ahoy, ye landlubbers!

It really brought enjoyment to a stressful, long, nerve wracking day. Even though there were a lot of babies being born that particular day, you could tell that we were the favorite room.

To this day, talking like a pirate is a fun thing my family does. When my niece, Adley, was finally able to understand what was going on, she was right there with us.

I thought it would be fun to pass our family tradition on to you and give you some of the main words and phrases that will help you talk like a pirate. It's not that hard, but you have to stay on top of your pirate lingo to become fluent.

Wyoming's Guide To Talking Like A Pirate

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