Never having seen a bison in real life, is probably the leading reason for people wanting to get close to one. In turn becoming the leading reason for an unplanned trip to the emergency room to get treatment for being gored.

The excitement of seeing one makes people forget about the rules of safety. It's understandable and easy for all of us that see the pictures and videos of people getting close to bison, to judge them, but the excitement takes over and the 'Bison Brain' kicks in.

When your emotions kick in, they can affect your perspective, making you forget things. Like for instance, the 2,000 bison can destroy you in one swoop of his head.

You know when you're driving down the road and see a pasture of cows and everyone in the car yells...."COW". It's that same feeling, just on steroids when it's a bison instead of a normal cow.

Kids are attracted to them and adults are mesmerized by them.

For many, at that moment there's a good chance the bison is the coolest thing they've ever seen with their own eyes. Sure we've all seen them on TV or in pictures, but in real life they're 100 times more incredible.

When families roll through Wyoming and see these massive creatures roaming about in the wild, it's always one of the highlights of the trip.

Bison are so incredible that they've been the official state mammal of Wyoming since 1985 and in 2016 adopted as the national mammal. The bison and bald eagle are important symbols for the United States of America.

Just watching these spectacular animals in their natural habitat is pretty amazing and is part of the reason lots of people travel into Yellowstone National Park during the winter. When the crowd levels are low and the bison aren't being bothered, just having a chance to watch them is pretty cool.

Drew Rush is a Wyomingite and wildlife photographer, you can see some of his work on his website or by following him on Instagram. He recently posted a great video of bison wading through heavy snow along the Firehole River in Yellowstone.

If you didn't understand the fascination of bison before, after seeing this video it may shed a little light on it.

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A Gallery Of High Planes Wyoming Winter Bison

Special thanks to Grandpa Rich of Thermopolis Wyoming for these photos.

Each morning Grandpa drives up to check on the herd in Hot Springs County Wyoming.

As he drives around he takes photos and sends them to me.

An audience of 1 is not enough.

That's why I'm sharing them with you.

Baby Bison In Thermopolis Wyoming

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