Not many states offer fantastic opportunities to experience the large amount of wildlife in Wyoming. Not only do we get to see them, but having the chance to hear them is just as cool.

The roar of a grizzly bear, the bugle of a bull elk, the bellow of a bison, the howl of a wolf, the screech of a bald eagle, the grunt of a moose, the bleat of a mountain goat, the honk of a goose, or the caw of a raven—these are just some of the many animals that call Wyoming home.

Wyoming is consistently in the top 10 for the best states to visit for beauty and wildlife numbers. Some states don't have half of the species that are here. It's one of the parts of living in Wyoming that we take for granted. The population of animals living here is impressive: over 100 mammal species, 400 bird species, dozens of species of rodents, and waters full of nearly 80 species of fish.

As a kid, you learn what animals, such as dogs, cats, cows, pigs, and horses, make. You don't hear many parents asking their toddlers what sound a bison, elk, or bear makes. The number of people who couldn't identify the sound that some of the more popular animals make is probably much higher than you'd think.

The National Park System has a cool page on its website that lets you listen to almost any animal, bird, or vegetation you'll find in Wyoming. It's worth checking out.

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Since so many people may question the sounds you're hearing, I thought I would allow you to listen to some of the animals you'll hear when exploring our great state.


Bull Elk

Bull Moose

Bald Eagle


Grizzly Bear

Black Bear

Mountain Lion

Big Horn Sheep


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