For a day that is widely considered to be one of the happiest days of your entire life, it can also be one of the most expensive and depending on where you live, it can be even worse.

A semi-recent post to X (formerly known as Twitter), by an account called, Amazing Maps, shows a graphic if of America of "Average Money Spent on Weddings in US States".

While the amount for Wyoming was the least expensive out of all fifty states, the amount was still scary. According to the map, the average amount spent in the Cowboy State is whopping $9,000!

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Compared to some of the more populated states like New York, where the average is $46,000 or California, where the average is $77,000, our average doesn't seem like much, but darn near ten grand is still nothing to shake a stick at.

Even compared to our neighbors to the south, good old Colorado average wedding cost of $30,000 is still over triple what ours is.

According to data gleaned from wedding website, The Knot, the average for Wyoming is actually closer to $18,000, as of 2022.

The Knot broke down the individual expenses as follows:

  • Average cost of reception venue: $11,200
  • Average cost of wedding photographer: $2,600
  • Average cost of wedding/event planner: $1,900
  • Average cost of live band: $3,900
  • Average cost of reception DJ: $1,500
  • Average cost of florist: $2,400
  • Average cost of videographer: $2,100
  • Average cost of wedding dress: $1,900
  • Average cost of wedding cake: $510
  • Average cost of catering: (price per person): $75
  • Average cost of transportation: $980
  • Average cost of favors: $440
  • Average cost of rehearsal dinner: $2,400
  • Average cost of engagement ring: $5,800
  • Average cost of wedding invitations: $510
  • Average cost of hairstylist: $130
  • Average cost of makeup artist: $120

The accuracy of these numbers may be up to some debate, but even to estimate on the low side, even $5,000 on a wedding could put the average person in debt during this economy.

Those numbers are definitely something to think about and plan for if wedding bells are tolling in your immediate future.

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