Local residents have been very outspoken about what retail options, restaurants and fun activities that they would like to see in Casper.

We took it a step further by concentrating on one area in specific: the Eastridge Mall.

Last Wednesday (March 6th, 2024), we asked our social media audience "What store or restaurant would you add, old or new, to revitalize the Eastridge Mall?" and the response was astronomical. We had over 160 comments and surprisingly, more of the older stores were mentioned than the new ones that we've never had.

It is worth noting that some of the stores that were mentioned have permanently closed their doors, so there's not really a good chance of them ever coming back (like KB Toys, HomeTown Buffet, 1 Potato 2, Java Jitters Expresso, Aladdin's Castle and Karmelkorn).

Other stores like Payless Shoe Source and Bed Bath & Beyond are in a state of flux, so the chances of them coming back are also slim.

There were a couple of other suggestions that may have never been in our mall that are also out of business (Blockbuster and York Steak House)

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Here are the most requested stores and restaurants that Casper residents want in the Eastridge Mall.

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