For a while now folks, and businesses, have been fleeing places like California and Illinois for TEXAS and FLORIDA!

The cost of living shoots up in those states, and with it the cost of buying good land to live on.

Is Wyoming the next BOOM state?

This YouTube commentator thinks so.

But is Wyoming too rural?

Does our weather suck TOO MUCH?

Will the focus on the Lone Star State switch to the Cowboy State? I think it will, and in this video, I’m going to tell you why I think Wyoming may be the next move to hot spot.

Wyoming, in the last three years since the beginning of COVID, has seen a serious jump in Google searches for real estate and Wyoming towns.

In the last six months, it is the most Googled state.

Over the last ten years, Wyoming went from losing population to gaining. Here is the thing: have had a higher-than-average death rate and a lower-than-average birth rate.

Not that a lot of people were catching a dirt nap early.

They had an older-than-average population.

I guess it was a popular landing spot for the Lost Generation.

Family Moving In
Mike Watson Images

That was a lot, but what it breaks down to is more and more people are realizing Wyoming is an option.

And we are going to look at why in this video.

Those are some good arguments.

It is possible that southern Wyoming could BOOM as Colorado pushes up into the state.

We will just have to wait and see.

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