If you've driven around Casper, you've surely seen the beautifully designed traffic light control cabinets all over town. Every spring since 2016, Art 3-2-1 and Keep Casper Beautiful has been reaching out to artists all over Natrona County to show off their abilities.

The designs you see at 27 different intersections are designed and created by artists from all over the county. The best part is, each of the colorful boxes are specifically designed and are original art.

If you're like me, you've been caught gawking at the colorful displays and got a horn honk from the person waiting behind you, but it's worth it. The designs range from wildlife that make their home in Wyoming, original designs, mountain scenes, Cowboys and flowers are a few subjects of the cabinets.

Keep Casper Beautiful's sole mission is to do exactly what the name says, work together to make sure Casper remains a great place to live and offer nice community spaces for everyone to enjoy. Other than the traffic control cabinet design program, there are volunteering opportunities cleaning up litter, planting trees and flowers and educating others on how to keep Casper looking good.

Just this week ART 3-2-1 put out an open call to all artists from Natrona County to submit their designs to be part of 2022's Keep Casper Beautiful traffic light cabinet projects.

If you're interested, the four cabinets that will be done this year are all along 1st Street. You can see the silver/gray boxes at 1st/Ash, 1st/David, 1st/Center and 1st/ Walcott. Not all of the boxes are the same, so you'll want to customize your design idea for the particular box.

Take a look at the 27 boxes that are already making Casper look great.

Keep Casper Beautiful Public Art

Beginning in 2016 the City of Casper and Art 3-2-1 have been working together to wrap traffic light control boxes all over the city. New boxes are wrapped with original artwork from Natrona County artists.

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