It's a favorite season for many. Football, hunting, and the leaves changing color. As the weather gets colder it poses a risk to the leaves of broadleaf trees and other perennials, so they are forced to drop their leaves and conserve energy. The technical term for this is "leaf abscission" according to experts.

Before this happens, the green fades, and yellow and orange colors known as carotenoids appear. Some plants get a pigment known as anthocyanin that accumulates in their leaves, providing us with the dramatic red and purple we see during the fall.


Fall Colors at the Rotary Park in Casper

Pumpkin Fest Proves to Pack the Parking Lot of the Hat Six Travel Center

The rain couldn't keep away the scores of people who showed up to the 2022 Pumpkin Fest, sponsored by the Hat Six Travel Center. 

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