Maternity shoots seem to be a relatively recent trend, but they're all the rage and one expectant mother got the cutest maternity shoot we've seen yet. Her name is Kodie, and she's a 2-year old Golden Retriever from Butte, Montana.

GussGuss Photography on Facebook shared the Maternity shoot of the future mother, complete with a colorful outfit and tutu. Kodie is expecting her puppies on Jan 9th, and the photographer promises to make the puppies another subject of an upcoming shoot.

Kodie isn't just a fabulous mom in her photos either, as the Golden Retriever has been featured in many other photo sets from the photographer. "My favorite model is on maternity leave now!" GussGuss Photography said about the lovely blonde girl.

Best wishes to Kodie and her new additions to the family. You can see more from GussGuss Photography here.

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