If your bank account has a ton of numbers on the left side of the decimal point, I have a home for you. It's currently the most expensive home available in Casper and includes 6 fireplaces.

The housing market changes pretty quickly around here, but at the moment this is the most expensive home I could find on Zillow. It's 1721 Goodstein Drive in Casper.

According to the Zillow listing, this is a 3-bed, 4-bath home that occupies over 6,600 square feet. Of all the impressive aspects of this home (and there are ALOT), the one fact that blew my mind was the mention of 6 fireplaces. I'm betting even the Kardashians only have 4 at most in their palace.

I'm gonna guess that it's gonna take more than 6 fireplaces before my wife would allow me to ask the bank for the $2.85 million that they're asking for this home. My banker would probably tell me no (and laugh hard) if I were to apply for the funds to cover the Viking appliances alone. Very very nice.

Check out the full listing if you'd like to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous or just drool. The drooling is free.

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