They travel thousands of miles across the country, stopping along the way to honor Gold Star families and their fallen soldiers. The Tribute To Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride made a stop in Casper early this week on their trek. Executive Director of the organization, Warren Williamson, says their mission was created nine years ago in Oregon with fallen soldier home visits, presenting each a plaque and memorial portrait.

They decided they wanted to do more so they created the Memorial Torch Ride and travel every year from Oregon to Arlington National Cemetery. Washington D.C. This year they'll be visiting 12 states and 63 families along the route, which changes every year.

The group stopped last weekend the Casper home of Bob and Susi Miller, who lost their son Scott in 2007 in Iraq. He was 20 years old. The riders honored Scott in 2015, and in doing so forged a special bond with the Miller family. "That's our goal, is to make sure people don't forget and we speak these names loudly, " says Williamson. "It's so important that we do these things. You know, we all live our busy lives, I understand that, but we always have to take time to remember these fallen heroes because they gave up a lot for us, so it's important that we continue to say their names and honor their service and sacrifice."

Three American flags, signed by the families of the fallen along the way, will be displayed inside Arlington as will the the Fallen Soldiers Memorial flame, which was lit at the start of the journey by a Gold Star family in Oregon.

"It's our promise to these families that as we travel we will guard, honor, and protect the memorial flame as we make this journey across the country," says Williamson, who says the flame will be taken inside Arlington and extinguished at the 9/11 Memorial in memory of all fallen service members. "It represents the soldiers' spirits," he says, "and we take great responsibility in making sure we honor that flame."

Tribute To Fallen Soldier Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride 2018

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