Earlier today (August 20th, 2020), a fire forced the Wyoming Department of Transportation to close Interstate 25 between Cheyenne and the Colorado state line. I-25 has since been reopened for both directions of highway traffic.

Cheyenne resident Carlos Gonzalez captured some frightening footage of the blaze while driving through it. Gonzalez posted the short, 8-second video to his Facebook page along with a caption that read:

Driving to Cheyenne from Fort Collins.. on the highway to hell apparently.

In the three hours since Gonzalez initially posted it, the video has already been shared over 3000 times.

As you can easily see from the video, it's certainly no secret why WYDOT made the decision to close the highway. If the smoke wasn't bad enough on its own, I'm pretty sure the heat from the fire and the wind spreading it was making driving conditions very unsafe.

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