The Natrona County Sheriff's Department had an...unusual call Saturday morning; one that's not typically on the list of their everyday duties.

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But, more than likely, any NCSO deputy will tell you that there is nothing that is not on their list of duties.

Which is why they found themselves standing along Highway 487, helping local ranchers with a cattle drive.

That's according to a social media post from the NCSO, who wrote that "It's not uncommon for us to help our ranching community out with traffic control while they're moving cattle from pasture to pasture."

Today, the post stated, that's exactly what NCSO deputies found themselves doing.

"Resident Deputies Arnold and Mowry worked with ranch owners who moved their cattle along Hwy 487 to a pasture across Hwy 220, shutting down the intersection for just a few minutes," the post stated. "The cowboys and cowgirls rode horseback to corral and move the cattle safely between locations."

The post noted that the cattle drive was successful and everybody involved with it was safe and efficient. The NCSO also made sure to thank travelers for their patience while the cattle drive took place.

"We’re proud to call Wyoming home, and we’re especially proud to serve the citizens of Natrona County," the post concluded.

Cattle drives are most certainly not an anomaly in Wyoming. Some ranches even offer 'Cattle Drive Vacations.'

In fact, CBS News has said that "The cattle drive is an enduring symbol of the American West. The image of tough cowboys pushing huge herds of cows across the open range is stamped on our imaginations."

But what may be even more symbolic of Wyoming is not the image of cowboys and cowgirls moving cattle across a road - it's of a neighbor helping a neighbor. That is what Wyoming is. That is what Wyoming does.

And that is what the Natrona County Sheriff's Office represents, as well.

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