Living in the least populated state in the nation, Wyoming takes the brunt of a lot of jokes. Sometimes an outsider makes a fool of the entire state. Then there are times when the locals do something really careless. Regardless of the situation, most Wyomingites are sick and tired of these stories.


Dick Cheney Hunting Accident

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Back in 2006, Dick Cheney, Natrona County High School alumni, accidentally shot his hunting companion while hunting in Texas. It pains us to bring this one up. We are not trying to be political, but we are sick and tired of everyone talking about this story. It happened in Texas, but Wyoming gets the flaming bag of dog poop on our door. It was an accident! Leave it alone already.


 Not All Square States Are The Same

Janet Loerke, USA Today

Every once in a while, a major news outlet will mislabel a map putting Colorado on Wyoming. The picture above is from a USA Today article about the smuggling of marijuana. Don't they have Google Maps? Yes, both Colorado and Wyoming are similar rectangular shapes, but they are not the same. Even the location of Yellowstone is a mystery to the folks at The Today Show.


Betsy DeVos Arming Wyoming Teacher Because of Bears

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In April of 2018, Betsy DeVos suggested that Wyoming teachers need guns to protect themselves from bears. Now we love our guns, don't get me wrong, and the last thing we want is more bureaucratic regulations, but this has got to be one of the worst arguments for gun activism we've ever heard. Frankly, Betsey, you are just making Wyoming look like a fool.


Wyoming Doesn't Exist


If you are online a lot, you have probably come across a group of people who believe Wyoming doesn't exist. That it is a government mind-control program or really just parts of Montana or Colorado. Well, if that is true we are in a pickle. From the best we can tell, this myth originated from the Garfield and Friends Show back in 1989.


Kanye West

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Need we say any more.