One of the most historical landmarks in Wyoming, is also "supposedly" one of the most haunted. Regardless, the beautiful property is now back on the market. That's right, the 129-year old Sheridan Inn is now for sale.

The Sheridan Inn originally opened its door in back in 1893 and was considered to be the "finest hotel between Chicago and San Francisco", as it was one of the first in Wyoming with bathtubs and electric lights.

Buffalo Bill Cody was the manager and partial owner of the inn from 1894 to 1896.

The official Sheridan Inn website states:

Buffalo Bill lived at the Inn when ever he was in town from his Wild West shows, and often held auditions from the massive front porch which is 116 ft long and 14 ft. wide. The old green rocking chairs that are currently in the Lobby were much used on the cool porch. He held many dances in the dining room for his many traveling companions. He always sat on the third stool from the left at the bar. The original bar remains at the Inn and is in use today.

Of course, what building with so much history attached doesn't have a ghost story? Luckily the ghoul that is said to roam the halls of the famous inn is benevolent in nature.

According to the "Haunted 307" legend:

Ms. Catherine B. Arnold (or Miss Kate as she is more commonly known), started as a seamstress, but spent six decades doing anything she could to help the hotel, even as it began to fall into disrepair.  After her death in 1968, advocacy groups stopped the impending demolition of the hotel and interred her ashes in the wall of her favorite third-floor room.

With a price tag of $4.25 million, it seems like a steal to own this piece of not only Wyoming history, but of American Wild West history.

The inn was officially declared a National Historic Landmark in 1964.

Check out these awesome photos of the Sheridan Inn, both past and present.

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