Officer Jeffrey Bullard with the Casper Police Department told K2 Radio News stated that he did not have any information at this time regarding the incident. He stated that the incident has been turned over to the department's Internal Affairs Division for investigation.


We've all been in a hurry. Whether we're late for work, or have a meeting or the Taco Bell we had for lunch hasn't agreed with us; we've all had reason to drive fast and park quickly.

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Police officers have even more of a reason than the rest of us to be in a hurry - they're literally out there saving lives. Every second counts which is why, sometimes, they don't have the extra time to park directly within the lines of a parking space.

Such was the case on Monday night at Eastridge Mall, as a Casper resident photographed a patrol car parked on top of an enormous rock.

Casper resident Stephanie Herdt was sitting in the parking lot of Eastridge Mall, when she noticed a patrol car sitting atop the boulder.

Herdt said she was at the Gamestop location adjacent to the mall when the patrol car appeared.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Herdt
Photo Credit: Stephanie Herdt

"The car was on the rock," Herdt told K2 Radio News. "They tried to push it off the rock and they were pushing the gas and spinning the wheel. I don’t believe they were really doing anything but talking to people in a car next to them she went to pull off but went up [instead]."


A previous version of this story stated that the patrol car was 'zipping through the parking lot.' Upon speaking with Chief Keith McPheeters of the Casper Police Department, and seeing dashcam footage of the event, it was clear that this was not the case and that the car was parked moments before climbed the boulder. K2 Radio News regrets this error. 

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