Cheyenne police have reopened their investigation into former Catholic Bishop Joseph Hart, who's alleged to have sexually abused several boys between the early 70's and late 90's.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the case, which was closed in 2002, was reopened because of "new evidence that was brought to light" through the Diocese of Cheyenne's independent investigation.

"Some states have a statute of limitations on this type of offense and we don't have that in Wyoming," said Malatesta. "We can still take action (and) hold this person to account for his actions."

"I just want to make sure that any victims or witnesses out there understand that they can come forward (and) speak about this with us," he added. "We will take it all very seriously and investigate whatever is brought forward to us."

In an effort to have a consolidated case, Malatesta is asking anyone making a report to do so by Sept. 21.​

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