I'm not afraid of much, but I do fear spiders. That's why I'm a little concerned about all the black widow spider stories I'm hearing about. Have you ever encountered one of these villains?

There are only two spiders that I really am concerned about: black widows and brown recluses. I'm not a fan of ANY eight-legged creature, but those are the ones that I actively try to avoid. Those are the spiders whose bite could cause serious problems especially for my kids due to how toxic their venom is.

Here's my problem. Virtually all of my radio brothers and sisters have shared their own black widow stories. One mentioned that they are so prevalent in his basement that his family has come up with a name for one of them. Yikes.

Then, there's that whole Casper street which shall remain unmentioned by me.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Have you ever encountered one of these spiders or are my co-workers messing with me? (or maybe both)

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