If you are someone who does everything at the last minuet then your April Fools prank might just all flat. Preparation is everything. Start planning your pranks now.

If you are short of ideas here are a few Wyoming pranks from past Wyoming April Fools masters.


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    West Wyoming Fire House Prank

    They waited until someone went to the bathroom.

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    Wyoming Principal Gets Pranked

    This was a senior prank that took a lot of time and effort. Some kids at the school found a car identical to the principals and decided to bash it up and wrap it around a pole in front of the school, they even got his license plates. As they were unloading the car, the resource

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    Wyoming Principal Gets Pranked...Again.

    Principal Bennett his own personal parking spot...right in front of his office. The kids make a distraction and then we hijacked the car, maneuvered it down the hallway, and put it in park right in the middle of the hall.

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    Jim Rauch Calls Several Cheyenne, WY Businesses

    This guy is not funny in my opinion. Jim(not peppersteak) calls several Cheyenne, Wyoming Businesses to ask for directions to get to the stores because he has to piss in their bathroom and then fuck the people who work there. Special thanks to The Inappropriate Poet.

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