Someone on Reddit asked the question about why we choose to live in Wyoming. Many of the answers were completely hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites.

Thanks to Ask-Reddit Answered for sharing this on YouTube also. Hearing the answers in robot voice is almost better than reading it. Almost.

Here's the original Reddit thread. It's worth a read as long as your eyes aren't offended by the typical Reddit saucy language. It's people responding to the question of why we choose to live in Wyoming. I've included the Reddit usernames since several answers are funnier when you consider the name. First one is a great example.

moosewandering - My parents left me here (someone commented "I mean you are a moose, so...)

T_A_R_Z_A_N - Some people like to not live near other people

h0sti1e17 - Fear of escalators. The entire state has 2 sets. Both are in the same city.

butterflynana8 - Roads are too iced over to escape. The wind keeps blowing my wagon over. Ezekiel has cholera. Again. Send salt pork.

martin8r - I've been to Casper. It's a ghost town. (someone commented "50,000 people used to live there")

shiftyslayer22 - People aren't stabbing each other over chicken sandwiches...

DjSabrines - Heard there were grand Tetons everywhere, misunderstood.

Letsnotdocorn101 - Ask the cows, there are more.

I say let them think that. The comments on Reddit seriously made my day. Some terrific amateur comedians for sure.

Do yourself a favor and check out the original Reddit thread. There were more spectacular answers that I ran out of space to include. Some are really classic.

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