If you want to make a Wyomingite happy, tell them there aren't many people near them. That's why you have another reason to smile as Wyoming has again been named the least populous state in America for 2019.

Thank Homesnacks for this good news. They looked at population density for the United States and Wyoming came in at the very bottom of their list. In this case, being at the bottom is a VERY good thing. Check out their map.


California is the most densely populated state. Shocker. It's funny to me that our neighbors to the south in Colorado nearly make the top 10 even though the state is covered by 14,000 foot peaks. Somehow, they still manage to shoe horn everyone into tiny spaces in Colorado.

Not so much in Wyoming as our state has a total population of 583,200 according to Homesnacks. Even Vermont has more people living there than Wyoming does and virtually no one lives in Vermont except people that make maple syrup or at least that's my perception.

Rejoice in the awesomeness of being a loner, Wyoming. You are #1 again.

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