Two young women, each carrying a large American flag met at City Park this afternoon.

"How are you?" one asked.

"Proud to be an American," came the answer.

Saturday was intended to be a day of counter protests to the various marches that have taken place in the wake of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

A national group called March4Trump called on supporters to stage marches around the country.

In Casper, former Trump Campaign State Director Bonnie Foster called on everyone to gather in City Park for a march down Center Street to the Courthouse and back again.

Roughly 20 people showed up, compared to nearly 600 in the Women's March in January.

But Foster says, it was such short notice after arranging for the permits that they knew it was going to be tough. "The Casper Police asked us how many to expect, and I said, it could be 5 or 500, I have no idea."

When asked why hold a march now, Foster said, "It's a march in support of our 45th President to say, here we are, we support you, can we get the rest of the country behind you as well."

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