Ghost stories can be like fish stories. The fish gets bigger each time the story is told. This adaptation tells myth of the Death Ship of the Platte River. What makes this version so great is stick figure drawings recreate this Wyoming legend. It's terrifyingly entertaining.

The set for this stick-drama is a classroom where the teacher tells the students about the legend of the Death Ship. The narration talks about a trapper Leon Weber who spots a ghostly vessel on the Platte. He sees his fiance's body aboard the ship, dying. Then he rushes home only to find that his future wife is dead. Then the story ends, and the class goes for ice cream.

12th grader Brian Bessey wrote, directed, filmed, edited, and published this video on YouTube. Yes, he does bill himself for each of these responsibilities. I give him an A+ for this project because he adequately credited all sources at the end of the video.

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