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There's no doubt that nature is cruel and that grizzly bears are NOT to be messed with.

We preach and preach and preach about how dangerous and powerful grizzly bears are. They don't care who you are, if you're a nature lover, tourists or a pure-blooded Wyomingite. They don't care and if you're a threat to them, they're going to protect themselves.

Back at the end of May it was reported that male grizzly and killed his girlfriends 3 year old female cub. Reports say that the younger bear came into the area where here mother and boyfriend were. According to a report in Cowboy State Daily, Utah photographer, Julie Argyle, said she thought the mother attempted to scare the young female off so the larger male wouldn't see her around.

When the youngster didn't leave, the big grizz jumped in and he and the mother began attacking the younger, smaller bear. Although multiple reports say the two larger bears didn't kill the other, but the injuries sustained were bad enough, the bear was suffering.

To stop her suffering, park officials euthanized the bear.

Dan Thompson Large Carnivore Supervisor of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department told Cowboy State Daily that it's not uncommon for mother's and their mates to attack the young.

These natural occurrences are another indicator of density dependence that is exhibited when a population is at carrying capacity.

Photographer Paul Allen was on hand when the battle ensued and caught the event in pictures.

Also on hand was park visitor Chris Moore and captured the fight on video and posted it on YouTube.

This video is extremely graphic

Remember when you're in bear country to be BEAR-WISE Wyoming.

Stay at least 100 yards away from bears, have bear spray and know what to do if you're in a bad situation with a bear.

People that think staying away from grizzly bears is a joke, need to watch this video.

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