July 9th is parade day in Casper! It's always a great time and as someone who's been to his fair share of parades, I think I've got some pretty decent survival tips for you and the kids.

1. Arrive early and claim the perfect spot. Close to the car and just the right amount of shade.

2. Bring some sort of hat with you to block the sun from beating down on your head.

3. It might just be me but I get crazy thirsty every year at the parade. So, of course, the main survival tip is to pack lots of water. A can of sunblock wouldn't hurt either.

4. Leave just a little early from the parade so you don't get stuck in all that crazy downtown traffic.

5. Over the last couple of years, I've seen people bringing umbrellas to the parade and it's honestly a great idea. It provides shade from the sun and a little bit of privacy too.

Those are the best ways that I can think of to do parade day right and not get overwhelmed with the heat, the crowds, and the sunshine.

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