I don't normally share videos to shame people, but I'm making an exception with this one. There's a new video of Texas guys messing with a rattlesnake and I found myself seriously cheering for the snake.

I want to state from the get-go that I have no problem with people that remove snakes that are near their home or property. A rattlesnake bite can be a serious issue and potentially life-threatening. The video above is not that. Not even close.

This encounter happened near Galveston according to the video description. This poor snake sought shelter near a pipe in what looks like the outskirts of an industrial area. There is zero reason for the one guy to try to drag the snake out into the open. The other knucklehead has his phone mounted on a selfie stick with the sole intention of making the snake strike it to get a "viral video". Give me a break.

My wife is the opposite of a snake fan, but after I showed this video to her, she had the same reaction I did. I found myself seriously cheering for the snake to teach these guys a lesson. I don't wish harm on anyone, but sometimes a stupid and selfish move just begs for justice.

People that are trying way too hard to get a video that makes them famous are one of the things about the internet that irk me. I guess I'm feeding this kind of behavior by sharing this (which is what they obviously want), but in this case I hope it makes them famous for the wrong reasons.

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