For the last few months the Wolves of Yellowstone have had life a little bit easier because their main competition for food has been sleeping. Now though, the daily grind just got tough for the '8 Mile Wolf Pack' as the grizzly bears are baaaaaack.

It really makes me wonder what goes through the wolves minds when they all of a sudden have to fight for food. When the bears are out of the picture, I would think the wolf packs would really enjoy it. Other than birds picking at your dinner, there isn't much competition through most of the winter.

I guess they're used to this situation as it does happen every year and it's a bigger deal for all of us that love seeing the wildlife in action.

Prior to the social media these rare occasions didn't get captured on camera all that often, so unless you were in Yellowstone at the time of the fight, you probably had no idea it was a deal.

Thankfully, now we all can experience these incredible moments in nature thanks to quick thinking folk with phones, cameras and the internet.

Andrea Baratte is Yellowstone National Park guide that while on a recent trip into the park caught one of these rare moments and was kind enough to share it with the rest of the world on his @montanawild_ Instagram page.

Even though the wolf pack has the bear in numbers, they still know better than fighting with a hungry bear. Eventually the wolves get their turn and hold their ground. It's truly a fascinating site to see.

There is actually a series of videos from this one encounter when everyone is just trying to get a piece of a bison carcass. If you like seeing nature at work, he has lots of great videos and pictures on is Instagram.

Check out these videos he was able to capture




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A post shared by Andrea Baratte (@montanawild_)

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A post shared by Andrea Baratte (@montanawild_)

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