Anyone that has children knows that the cost of bringing one into the world is not cheap. Matter of fact, nowadays you could buy a decent used vehicle for around the same price. The cost for a vaginal delivery sixty years ago was vastly different.

Dale and Jeneen Legerski posted via a Facebook group, a photo of a hospital receipt from the Wyoming Medical Center (or Memorial Hospital of Natrona County as it was known from 1922 until 1986), back in March of 1954. The receipt lists things from $2.50 a day nursery stay, to 5 days in a semi-private room at $11.00 a day, to $1.00 for the baby breach. The entire total cost is just under $260.00.

Now compare that to 2017, where the average cost of vaginal deliver for Wyoming is estimated at $6,823.00, according to a study done by TIME.

As a parent with three children that were born in Casper, in this century, I can attest that cost is closer to about $12,000.00 once all is said an done. Funny how things change.

The cost of having a baby in Casper in 1954
Dale Janeen Legerski via Facebook

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