The slogan and jingle for Folgers Coffee say's exactly what we all feel.

The best part of wakin' up

There are days when I try not to have coffee and those days are the worst. Sluggish, groggy, angry, irritable and the list goes on and on.  You don't want to be around a coffee drinker that doesn't get their morning fix, that's for sure. Sometimes you may not have the time to make a pot of go-go juice and don't want to put your co-workers or family through the pain of dealing with you, so you stop and grab coffee on the go.

In the Casper area you don't have to worry about having a tough time finding a coffee shop, the difficult part is choosing which of the many you feel like that particular morning. As a matter of fact, you could visit a different place for coffee every day and not repeat the same location for a few months.

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There are your chain locations like Starbucks or City Brew and dozens of options for you to enjoy and support local coffee spots. We all have our favorites, but cruising around town and trying them all is also an option. There are so many great places that I have my favorites for different coffee flavors, styles and sizes.

One thing I've found in my mission to try all the coffee in Casper is that, even though the base idea for each location is coffee, they're all different. Looking at all the menus, some of the names may be the same, but the flavor is definitely different.

According to Barista, in the coffee world, 'CUPPING' is the scoring of coffee for the different features offered by the drink. If you're ever gone on a wine tasting, it's the same thing. There are certain ways you smell, taste and treat each wine you taste. It's the same thing with coffee.

Opening a coffee shop and starting to brew coffee isn't as easy as just pouring coffee into the pot and brewing, there are weeks, months and sometimes even years of research that goes into your coffee.

Here's what coffee taste testers are looking for during cupping

  • cleanness
  • sweetness
  • acidity
  • mouthfeel
  • aftertaste

If you'd like to learn more about Coffee Cupping, check out this video that put on their YouTube channel showing how it's done. Locally you can check with the coffee shops to see if they have techniques that will help you find what you're looking for.

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