On Wednesday, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) sought to intervene in Center for Biological Diversity and WildEarth Guardians v United States Department of Interior, et. al. pending before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, according to a press release from PAW VP Ryan McConnaughey.
The case was filed by out of state anti-oil and natural gas activists trying to halt all drilling activities on federal lands in Wyoming by revoking more than 800 drilling permits issued in the state over the last two years – 97% of which are held by PAW member companies.
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The activists also ask the court to stop the Bureau of Land Management from granting any new permits.

Currently, Wyoming ranks as first in natural gas production on federal lands and second in oil production.

If the activists were to succeed in this suit, Wyoming's economy, state revenue, and the thousands of careers dependent upon the oil and natural gas industry would be at risk.
“Anti-oil and gas activists ask the court to vacate and set aside current drilling permits already issued and seek to halt the BLM from issuing any new permits to drill.  These actions would strangle Wyoming’s oil and natural gas industry, which is their intent,” said PAW President Pete Obermueller.
“While their legal arguments are weak, the callous disregard for Wyoming’s hardworking energy families shown by the plaintiffs prompted PAW to intervene on behalf of those families and the industry that fuels Wyoming’s economy."
"Unfortunately, public statements by these groups and the Biden Administration are clear, they are in lock-step in their intention to halt oil and gas development on federal lands even while Americans pay record prices at the gas pump.  We will not sit idly by as President Biden coordinates with his activist allies to set energy policy through closed door litigation activism.”
According to the press release, PAW continues to advocate for the industry despite a Presidential Administration that continues to push for the end of oil and natural gas development on federal lands.
"PAW encourages President Biden to come to the table to discuss unleashing America’s energy potential, learn how the industry is continuously reducing emissions through technological advancement, and work together to bring down gas prices and shore up America’s energy independence.

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