Have you ever been to Bill, Wyoming? Did you even know there was a small town in the middle of nowhere called Bill? There isn't much there. It is located near the center of the Thunder Basin National Grassland in Converse County. According to Wikipedia, the town got its name because of a Doctor who lived there. His wife noticed that a lot of his patients were named Bill, so she started calling the town Bill, and it stuck. But what is there to do in the town?

Bill Yacht Club - Join the only Yacht club that has never had an accident. They also don't have any boats. There aren't any lakes or rivers, too. Make sure you check-in on Facebook.

Penny's Diner - Eat at the only restaurant in town that is also next to the only hotel in town. They are open 24 hours a day. There is a review on TripAdvisor.com that reads, "Well done diner in the middle of nowhere." That about sums it up.

Have a drink at the old U.S. Post Office - The exterior looks like something from the old west, yet it is the one place to get a drink in town. It is The Bill Store and Dry Creek Saloon. The mail stopped in the early 70s, and now only cold brew flows.

Watch the Trains - Probably the only reason Bill isn't a ghost town is that the Union Pacific Railroad has a stop in town. They set up shop in the early 1900s and have been there ever since.

Get Out of Bill - There isn't much to do but get out of town. Douglas is just down the road, so you can go get yourself a license to hunt jackalopes.

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