Everyone knows that Las Vegas, Nevada is known as 'Sin City', but there is a new list out that throws 181 other U.S. cities under the bus. Recent studies show that with all that has been happening over the last couple years, many in the U.S. are doubling down on the worst habits to cope with the stress.

The new study from WalletHub shows Las Vegas tops the list of most sinful cities with an overall vice index of 60.98. To show how bad that Vegas is compared to others, St. Louis is #2 overall with a 53.40 vice index. Casper (#152) with a 30.79 vice index and Cheyenne (#113) 34.00 are both on the list representing Wyoming's sinners.

The definition of Sinful from Googles Oxford Languages is:

Sinful definition
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You may be wondering how they came up with the list and rankings. According to the report from Wallethub, they compared 182 U.S. cities over 37 different sinful deeds. The top 150 most populated cities in the country and at least two of the most populated cities in each state were chosen (some of the cities fit on the list twice). All of the information collected and ranked every city in each category then averaged them out to get the city's overall Vice Index number.

Some of which are the 'Seven Deadly Sins' or 'Cardinal Sins' within Christian teachings. Violent crimes, vanity, laziness, lust, greed, jealousy, excesses & vices and anger & hatred. They range from violent crimes per capita, excess drinking and adult entertainment establishments per capita.

Las Vegas has an overall 60.98 vice index and sits near the top of each of the main categories, but not at the top of any. Denver is #5 with a 51.01 on the overall list, Billings, MT is at #28 with a vice index of 44.10 and Rapid City, SD #44 pulled a 41.47.

Cheyenne is on the list at #113

An overall index rating of 34.00, Cheyenne didn't get a score over 56 in any of the 7 major sinful categories. The state capital ranked at #56 in the 'Greed' category.

Casper is in the lower portion of the list,  but still made it at #152.

The highest on the list that Casper made it was 68. The Oil City is #68 city in the Hatred & Angry Category.

You can see the breakdown of how they came up with those numbers below.

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