Ladies and gentlemen step right up and see the strange and fascinating oddity that is unique to the state of Wyoming. Behold the world's largest taxidermy display of a jackalope. Driving down US Highway 26, the sign reads "See It. Touch It. Believe It."

This specimen is on permanent display at the Country Store in Dubois, Wyoming. See the mythical creature, touch its fur, ride the beast, and take a picture with it. The store even provides props for that added flair.

The town of Douglas also claims to have the biggest Jackalope in the world. However, the specimens they have on display are statues rather than the taxidermy display like they have in Dubois.

According to the Museum of Hoaxes, the brothers Douglas and Ralph Herrick are credited with creating the jackalope when he attached some antelope antlers to a jackrabbit.

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