Cue the X-files music because there is something strange happening in Wyoming. In Casper, there is a conspiracy. The facts are in plain sight, and all it takes is connecting the dots. In this case, literal dots.

Taco Points Casper

There is a taco over Casper. Draw a line connecting each one of the Taco Johns locations, and the picture it paints is that of a taco. Unbelievable. Like some kind of secret subliminal message to eat more tacos. It is the Wyoming Taco Conspiracy.

This can't be just a coincidence. Taco John's did start in Cheyenne. Was this intentional? Did the corporate overseers pinpoint these locations to summon an almighty taco-taco deity? Or did all the love from Wyomingites somehow manifest the shape of a taco over their town? We may never be able to solve this mystery, but at least now we know the truth. And it is a taco.

Taco Over Casper

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