There are few things I can imagine that are more Wyoming than sledding down a snowy hill in a kayak. But, there's at least one big problem with that theory. 

This viral video was recently shared on YouTube and also picked up by Digg. When you see the quote they shared on YouTube, you'll see part of the problem I'm talking about.

I went kayak sledding down a huge hill in Asheville.

That's right. This didn't happen in Wyoming. The kayak down a hill thing happened in North Carolina. How can we let North Carolina best us in weird winter stuff? Not acceptable.

NOTE: actually doing this would be dangerous. If you don't believe me, watch the kid on the snow tube in the video.

I'm not gonna pretend to not be entertained by videos like this. But, if you're thinking "hey, this would be epic on some of the hills in Casper", make sure you know your way around a kayak and not wrecking in a major way on snow.

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