From a young age my grandma has instilled in me that there are ways OTHER than working a 9-5 job to make money. Now, that's probably why I like to hit up the occasional casino, poker game or buy a half a roll of scratcher lottery tickets. Get rich quick!

When I took the vacation that would ignite my drive to one day live in Wyoming in the early 90's, visiting the gold rich areas in Deadwood, SD was one of our longest stops. While we were in town, she and my grandpa dropped coins in slot machines, hoping to hit that quick cash....nope, no luck.

There is a park in Arkansas that is called the 'Crater of Diamonds State Park' and guess where Grandma has spent a fair amount of time? Yep, digging up buckets of dirt and sifting through to find the record breaking, "make her rich" diamond.

I told her recently that there were many areas in Wyoming that were still full of gold and of course, that perked her ears right up. So, I assume we'll be taking a "get rich quick, gold hunting" trip in the spring.

There actually are many different areas of Wyoming that are rich in treasures, you just have to be willing to travel there and put in hard work to find the gold, diamonds or other precious metals.  When Grandma comes out, look out! You won't be able to stand in the way of that 82 year old woman...she's going to find that gold!

According to there are actually 9 Rivers in Wyoming you can find gold if you look hard enough.

1. Sweetwater River - This area is said to be possibly the richest river with gold in the state. Now known as the  Atlantic City-South Pass District

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2. Snake River - Gold amounts in the Snake River is said to be massive, but the issue is that it's so fine that regular gold collecting processes don't really work. Some prospectors have found other ways to collect the gold, but it will certainly take some elbow grease.

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3. Laramie River - When finding gold slowed down, companies shifted their focus to copper, but to this day gold can be found in the river if you can find the right spots.

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4. Little Laramie River - Gold has been found in the gravel that run the middle fork and along Fall Creek.

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5. Wood River - High in the Shoshone National Forest. Lots of copper has had gold in it from the Dundee and Spar Mountains. This means the chance of gold deposits being in the Wood River is pretty good.

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6.Gros Ventre River - This area has a catch with it. Prospecting in the "Wilderness Areas" is not permitted, but in the river and streams around it could be your source.

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7. Hoback River - The gold here is very fine and hasn't received much attention from the miners.

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8. Wind River - This areas gold is also very fine, so may be tough to find. There has been gold found in Wind River and its creeks and streams

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9. Northern Green River - Also an area with very fine gold, but with the right tools who knows, you could be in the money.

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If you're interested in trying your luck at gold prospecting, make sure you know the rules and the areas you can go. It's probably a good idea to have some sort of knowledge of what your doing. Check out these videos.

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