In Casper, you'd be hard pressed to find a home more unique than this one. It comes with what looks like a retro gas station.

I came across this bad boy while browsing homes on Zillow. It's located at 2020 River Meadows Road in Casper. It's a really sweet 5-bed, 6-bath home that occupies over 8,200 square feet. Very nice. But, it's the details that will get your attention. It has its own vehicle shop, indoor hot tub and (*drum roll*) old-fashioned gas station.

My eyes did a double-take when I saw the gas station. There are several rooms in the home that look like they have a classic car motif. But, the gas station looks like it could be straight out of The Andy Griffith Show.

If you're wondering exactly where this house is at, this map will give you an idea.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The asking price for this automotive dream home is $836,500. If you have the coin, you could do a lot worse than a home that pays tribute to the driving days of yesteryear.

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